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Retaining data for courses organized through the extension during and after deprecation period
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While looking into the deprecation of this extension, the issues of historical data and data retention have been raised. What happens to the courses that have been created and tracked over the years through this software?

The first concern would be not losing any historical data with the tool getting switched off or uninstalled from the wikis. A follow up concern would be having the data in a usable state, which could potentially include porting it over to current tools (like the Program and Events Dashboard).

There are likely to be sub-tasks to this as the idea gets fleshed out more clearly.

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We can download current version of all pages in Education program namespace and publish it in either extra Education program namespace or NS_PROJECT. This can be easily done by a bot.

Alsi I would like to note that no data will be lost, as even after turning an extension off, the data still reside in the database. It isn't just available easily.

Thanks Martin for advice on this. Can this be done globally (for all language versions which ask for this?)

The same code can be run at any wiki without any problems (you just have to replace 'cs.wikipedia' with 'en.wikipedia' for example). It even can fetch a list of all projects EP is enabled at and run at all of them if this would be needed.

Who can do this? Can someone do it for all requesting communities one by another? Some do not have such a dedicated volunteer like you ;-)

Literally everybody. You just need an account at the Wiki we're talking about (everybody can have an account at every public wiki) and access to EP data (again, everybody through Quarry/database replicas for example).

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Hi all. I still use this extension and i am very familiar with it and so as my university professors where i lead wikipedia education program (hashemite university in jordan). can I request an exempt for arabic wikipedia where i use the extension mainly. @TFlanagan-WMF i hope to make exempt to because i cant work without it. regards

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According to this task i think that also removing Course coordinator, instructor, online and campus volunteer permissions is necessary. Regards

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TheDJ added a comment.Mar 9 2018, 8:26 AM

@1339861mzb (permanent) exceptions are unlikely I suspect. I think that it would be good however to evaluate and provide a list of blockers that would prevent you from switching to the new outreach dashboard... I'm guessing lack of translations is one of them right now ?

Thanks @TheDJ for mentioning those. I am not sure yet of what will happen with those, and will look into that aspect.

@TheDJ regarding pages like Special:CampusVolunteers, T45931 suggests these profiles are somehow being hidden - they also don't appear to be removable or editable by admins, making them problematic.

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