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Add Siberian Tatar (sty) to Names.php
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Add Siberian Tatar (sty) to Names.php

First export to core with Gerrit 407509

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I've uploaded a patch: - it's pending zuul checks and merge.

Change 407856 merged by jenkins-bot:
[mediawiki/core@master] Add Siberian Tatar (sty) language

Finally. Sorry for the fuss. This was done in the middle of a gerrit upgrade :-)

Note that "Northern Tatar" is an alternate (and probably prefered) name in English for "Siberian Tatar" (which is too restrictive for that language). The native name really means "Northern Tatar" as it refers to a larger region than just the Siberian dialect.

"Siberian Tatar" as a regional dialect of Northern Tatar would be encoded in BCP 47 with "sty-" plus a region code (sty-RU) or a variant code ("sty-siber" if registered with at least 5 letters in the subtag, or "sty-x-sib" with a private subtag).