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Update rename extension to show realtime rename progress and dynamically generate logs
Open, Needs TriagePublic


So after a brief discussion on the renamers channel we can agree that we would like to see the following features from the rename extension.

  1. Generate logs dynamically. It seems the current logs only look up a name when fetching rename logs, but it's only ever one entry and doesn't tell the whole story. Sometimes multiple requests are made in different places making the other renamer who is handling the second request lose sight of where the rename ended up. This happened this morning. The logs should, when looking for global rename entries, attempt to trace the given name to the latest username and return a log based on a search of the user's ID, and not by name.
  2. Provide a real-time page that updates the rename progress for a user, and places flags next to active renames in the renames list for those that have stalled for some reason.
  3. This one is a would be nice. We would like the extension to make us sandwiches as we work hard renaming users. :-)