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Create a Historical Link Graph for Wikipedia
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As complementary data for the Clickstream (, we are exploring the possibility of creating a historical dataset for the Wikipedia link graph, for the same languages where the Clickstream data is available. Link information is useful for better understanding the clicks, allowing - among other things - to compute the probability of click, and it also allows studying how topics of the online encyclopedia get connected over time.

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@DarTar: Do you have any preference for the format of this dataset? I can think in two ways of present it:

i) Get all the links per page revision. Each line will represent a page, like this:
{page_id:page_id, title:title,historical_links:[ {rev_id:first_rev,links:[link_1,..link_n]}, ... ,{rev_id:current_rev, links:[link_1, ..., link_m]}}

ii) In each revision, we will just add the new links, and the removed links.
{page_id:page_id, title:title,historical_links:[ {rev_id:first_rev,new_links:[link_1,..link_n], removed_links:[] }, ... ,{rev_id:current_rev,new_links:[link_x,n], removed_links:[link_y ]}}

Or do you have anything different in mind_

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We are considering to collaborate on this with EPFL. To proceed, with need to:

  • Prospect the amount of engineering work required from our (research team) side and discuss with the Analytics team their bandwidth to help on this, specially with an updated parquet version (spark) of the dumps.

Next step: @diego review plans with Analytics (bundled with the discussion on Spark-based dump processing)

leila raised the priority of this task from Low to Medium.May 14 2018, 6:46 PM

Blessing it with a "Normal" priority. ;) It's important. Let's do it.

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Let's collaborate on infrastructure for this