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Improve Media Viewer in High Contrast mode.
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The close button and other UI elements using background-image: are not visible for Internet Explorer and Firefox users when in High Contrast mode.

How to test in Firefox:
In about:preferences, scroll to Fonts & Colors in Language and Appearance, click [Colors...], under "Override the colors specified by the page with your selections above" switch from [Only with High Contrast themes] to [Always].

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A workaround if we're unable to render icons is to draw boxes when in high contrast mode with border:1px solid transparent;. The transparent color will be forced to the visible foreground color.

@Dispenser And how to you make the OS tell the browser that it's in high contrast mode and the browser exposes that to the client? I think that's more complicated than just a rewrite of a CSS property :/

@Volker_E I tested it, it works. Empty green boxes are better than invisible buttons.

How High Contrast mode works in Firefox: The browser detects if the OS is in high contrast mode and switches to a color scheme that clobbers all colors forcing "text" (also includes border-color) to the High foreground color and removes all background images + graidants and backgrounds to High background color. This also affect [[|getComputedStyle]].

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