Provide e-mail addresses for members and volunteers
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Via G Suite, we could provide e-mail addresses for members and contributors without it costing us anything. I'm thinking we should use something on the form of – "friv" for "frivillig" (volunteer). Since we're using G Suite, they'll work like normal Gmail accounts. The reason we should use this form and not just is to make it clear to recipients of emails that the person they're getting emails from is a volunteer that doesn't necessarily represent Wikipedia.

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It should be made very clear to the users that this comes with elevated rights for those that admin the e-mail account, inclusive their ability to wipe the volunteers devices.

G Suite Administrator Help : Manage user devices from an Android device (subpoint "Wipe a device’s data")

Yes, thank you @jeblad, very good point. For those that want one of these I'll make a standardized text explaining these caveats, including what administrators are and aren't capable of doing.

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