MW api list=blocks doesn't return very old blocks where ipb_range_start is empty
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Compare|reason and

It seems to be due to very old blocks before range blocks were a thing. the api does a query like:

SELECT ipb_auto,ipb_id,ipb_timestamp,ipb_expiry,ipb_reason AS "ipb_reason_text",NULL AS "ipb_reason_data",NULL AS "ipb_reason_cid" FROM ipblocks WHERE (ipb_range_start LIKE '798F%' ESCAPE '`' ) AND (ipb_range_start <= '798F1D1E') AND (ipb_range_end >= '798F1D1E') AND ipb_auto = '0' AND ipb_deleted = '0' AND (ipb_expiry > '20180207235311') ORDER BY ipb_timestamp DESC,ipb_id DESC LIMIT 2 ;

wich won't match it.

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IMO the proper fix is for someone to write and execute a maintenance script to populate the ipb_range_start and ipb_range_end fields for such blocks.