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localized 'special' ('speċjali') namespace for mt.wp not resolving
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Author: gustav.vella

This Bug could be correlated to 16373 "Localized namespaces for mt.wp"

URLs to Special Pages in Navigation bar are not resolving. Special:RecentChanges has apparently been changed to Special:TibdilRiċenti and redirects correctly to

but URL in Navigation Bar points to a non-existent localized Namespace 'Speċjali'

I have access rights to modify the navigation bar. But since I have made no specific changes there, have not been involved in any correleated changes nor have any insight into the localization effort, I'm reporting this here.

Gustav Vella (joelemaltais)

Version: unspecified
Severity: major



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Resolving fixed since this was fixed :)

gustav.vella wrote:

this is not exactly the same bug, but very much related. So I'm reopening here.

When logged out, (Recent Changes) won't resolve. Once you log in works ok (even after you log out again)
Regards, Joelemaltais (

No idea what can be wrong here. All pages on Special:SpecialPages work (both logged in and anonymous), except for Special:RecentChanges. To me, the current namespace and special page alias configuration in MessagesMt.php looks OK. We are debating this in MediaWiki-Internationalization to see if we can find the problem.

Works fine here. Most likely some funky cached page view. Have purged the URL just to be sure.

gustav.vella wrote:

Yes I noticed that it has been working fine the last 3 days and we haven't recieved any more user complaints since then. Just for the keeps: it was first reported on 23.12.
Thanks and best regards,
Joelemaltais (