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Install the extension Html2wiki in ru:Wikisource
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We would like install Html2wiki in

By definition, Wikisource is a library containing only texts that have already been published somewhere. Most of them are imported from Html pages of various sites, the rest is probably 20% is the import from Pdf scans, and a small percentage is imported from other formats. There are no other sources of content for Wikisource.

That is, users import most Wikisource content from htmls, each time manually converting them to wiki-format. This spends valuable time, which can be used more productively for the Project. In addition, usually the text from html is copied without formatting the styles, the restoration of which manually also takes a long time.

Installing this extension would be very helpful. In addition, by the description, it can to upload illustrations, many books have tens and hundreds of them, that will also save a lot of time.

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As the extension creator, I would be glad to work with WMF to review/update/secure this extension.

It was purpose built, and hasn't been fully vetted for production use "in the wild". In particular, it would benefit from a feature where users could specify processing rules depending on the specifics of their source. Ie. we have specific rules hard-coded for Google Docs Html, but it would be great to allow users to specify rules, based on a preview.

Hi, as this extension is not yet installed on Wikimedia sites, please see for the steps required. Thanks.

Aklapper changed the task status from Open to Stalled.Feb 10 2018, 6:47 PM

Thanks Andre for pointing to that process. I hope to work on it as time permits; which right now is zero. (to anyone listening: I'd gladly accept any collaborators; or paying client who needs customization/improvements of the extension.)

Note: The underlying coverter used is pandoc. Pandoc is the swiss-army knife of format conversions. My hope is to actually expand the scope of the extension to be a wiki front-end to pandoc such that mediawiki becomes capable of importing any format that pandoc understands.

As I understand, the extension is ready. Perhaps it's time to just go on to apply for a security check?

@Vladis13: I don't understand the last comment... Where to "add" that extension exactly and why, and why do you ask someone else to do that?

As far as I understand, this extension is not active and abandoned, because the author did not saw interest of community. I don't understand why my suggestion to call interest of community to it caused your questions.

@Vladis13: I was not aware of your understanding, that's why I asked to please explain (which you did now). Thanks for the clarification! :)

@Vladis13: Is this still wanted? If yes, then please see and follow for the steps required. Thanks!

@Aklapper, yes this still wanted, But I don't understand why you write to me. Because I am not its developer, I have not even seen its code, and moreover, I have not used PHP for 5 years having switched to Python, and don't write MW-extentions.
The author abandoned support of the extension 3 years ago. This is all the information I can help.

Aklapper closed this task as Declined.EditedAug 16 2020, 3:59 PM

@Vladis13: Thanks for the clarification that you don't plan to start the extension review process (it's irrelevant if you are a developer or not). If this is still wanted then someone needs to maintain the extension and someone needs to start the review process by following . As it seems that nobody plans to start the review process which is needed to install the extension Html2wiki in, it means that this request is de-facto declined.
Anyone feel free to reopen if they are willing to start the review process (and if the code base is maintained).