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dashboard should give program credit for talk page engagement
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Suppose that a program is in dashboard and participants are registered. The objective is Wikipedia editing.

If a given Wikipedia article is "page protected" then participants will not edit an article directly, but instead engage on that article's talk page. If they make an edit request then another user will post the program participant's content to the Wikipedia article, but the program participant who drafted and proposed the content will not be listed on that article's edit history log. Because they are not in the edit history, the dashboard will not track or report their contribution.

The fix that I propose to this is that the dashboard count posts to a Wikipedia article talk page in a way equivalent to editing the article itself. Posts to the talk page develop Wikipedia articles and deserve credit like an article post for the purposes of dashboard reporting.

As an example, see this 5 February 2018 engagement on a protected Wikipedia article:

This class program currently is not getting credit in the dashboard for all the student proposals and suggestions which they posted to the talk page. There is no path by means of which the students can actually edit the article in the context of this program and the lock on the wiki article.