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Special:ApiSandbox Request URL textbox too small and readonly
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The Special:ApiSandbox Request URL textbox is too small,
compared with e.g.,
which shows the complete URL at a glance with no
extra mouse manipulation needed. Also observe theirs
allows one adjust the URL for a subsequent submission.
Alas ours is readonly.

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Jidanni created this task.Feb 11 2018, 1:38 AM
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It being read-only is intentional, since editing it would have no effect. If you're wanting to try editing the query directly, edit the browser's URL bar.

The comparison to that Facebook page isn't all that useful, considering the widely different page layout, font size, and widget libraries in use.

Maybe have a mouseover that says "you can edit this in the URL bar."

It is very hard for the user to tell on his own that the URL bar and the small window's contents are related, as the window is so small...

Also the URL bar does not zoom with CTRL++ so it is often harder to read than the small box (font size wise.)