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Nesting templates lead to excess whitespace
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Parser test showing the problem and the expected output

Some wikitext constructions depend on whether we are at the start of a line, or not. This is tracked using a flag called lineStart. However, the parser preprocessor loses track of this flag when a nested template is used.

See – it uses {{Top-level template}}, which is only a call to {{Subtemplate}}. The parser thinks the list contained in {{Subtemplate}} is not at the line start (even though it is, in fact), so that (according to bug 529 behavior) it prepends a newline, which appears as a redundant paragraph on output.

If {{subtemplate}} is called directly, the paragraph disappears, and the output is correct.

See the attached parser test.

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Created attachment 5595
Patch solving the bug

My guess of the problem cause and an offered fix (I am not completely self-confident in parser/preprocessor code, though).



(In reply to comment #3)

Please confirm:

Actually, not at all, it just seems somebody broke the parser big time. Currently, numbered lists inside tables are just broken completely. See

(And it did not help in the general case, either, it just seems like that at first sight. Check for a numbered example, where the problem would still be obvious.

Yep. That is fixed in r86064.

Translatewiki just updated. Everything looks fine. For a some weird reason the parser test is still broken, evn though the output is fine.

(In reply to comment #6)

Translatewiki just updated. Everything looks fine. For a some weird reason the
parser test is still broken, evn though the output is fine.

It does not look fine at all (see It just got worse in a more strange way, see

Ok, sorry for the false alarm.
Could you have a look again now?

(In reply to comment #8)

Could you have a look again now?

Yep, it looks better now (if it didn’t break something else ;-) ).

I'll close it & will keep an eye on possible side effects.

dasch wrote:

For side effects check bug 30384

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It looks like this bug is active again since rSVN86072 was reverted by rSVN96887. Anomie offered some suggestions for fixing it at T14974#3224585.

FYI, it looks like all the infoboxes on English Wikipedia work around this bug by using actual table HTML tags rather than Wikitext table markup.

This bug is quite annoying for Lua wrapper templates, because they inevitably use nesting. I will be very pleased if this gets fixed.

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