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Document how to use MediaWiki:Echo-blacklist
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Page lacks information on how to use the feature. One user per line? Syntax? Allows regex? etc...

I suggest the page has some text by default as we do with MediaWiki:Spam-{blacklist,whitelist} for better understanding. If you let me know how the page is suposed to work, I can prepare a patch.


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Page lacks information

Where to find the page?

MediaWiki:Echo-blacklist is referenced in Special:Preferences's help link pointing to which says nothing on how that page is suposed to be used.

Checking makes me think usernames should be posted on plain text and one per line?

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Sorry, my misunderstanding. Too many things titled 'Mute'.

This has nothing to do with the individual mute list user preference or Anti-Harassment. This is the per-wiki variable.

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