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When clearing the watchlist no success message is shown if over 100 items are in the list
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When testing the recently merged clearing of users watchlists using the job queue I was expected to view the 'watchlistedit-clear-jobqueue' i18n message after clicking the submit button.

Instead I get a generic "There are too many pages to display here." message with no indication of success or what is happening.
This also happened before jobqueue watchlist clearing was implemented.

  • clearUserWatchedItems is called in SpecialEditWatchlist which clears the watchlist either using the jobqueue or synchronously.
  • The successMessage is passed into SpecialEditWatchlist::showTitles which tried to show all title removed, however, if more than 100 titles are in the list 'watchlistedit-too-many' is instead shown with no list and the previous successMessage is discarded.

I would expect in both cases that the success message would still be shown alongside either a list or the 'watchlistedit-too-many' message.