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Create call for AGM to be printed and sent by post
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Members who do not allow email or have left email addresses need to have the call sent by mail.

  • Write the call with visible links in a new document.
  • Track bounces from the emailed calls so they can receive calls by post.
  • Zynatic supports printed address labels. They need to be adjusted to fit with label stickers.

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SaraMortsell updated the task description. (Show Details)Feb 16 2018, 2:36 PM

List of addresses placed in the Drive folder Årsmöte och Wikipedia-dagen 2018. The information sent is in the same folder.

There were 49 members without e-mail address:

  • Mail has been sent to 40 members.
  • 7 members do not have an e-mail address or a postal address.
  • 2 members are organizations - maybe a person needs to be added to the address for them? Two envelopes are in Johns mailbox.
  • Of the 7 members that did not have en e-mail address or a postal address:
    • 1 could be reached by phone and gave their e-mail address and got an e-mail
    • 3 had unique enough names that I could find their postal address and send them a mail
    • 1 was identified as a probable Wikipedia user - an e-mail was sent via Wikipedia but he did not reply
    • 3 could not be reached
  • Of the 2 organization members, one was a small company and got a letter without a contact person. The other organization was bigger and last contact with them was in 2015. They have not gotten a letter.
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