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[file importer] pop-up while file transfer is in progress
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When the user clicks the "import" button on the special page the file transfer begins. This can take some time depending on the file size and number of revisions etc.

We don't want to leave the user waiting without communicating that the transmission is in progress. This can be achieved through a "pop-up" that is informing the user of the transfer and can potentially display an error message should the transfer fail.

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First mock

mockT187092.png (636×964 px, 35 KB)

We don't have a spinning wheel OOUI icon so some thought will have to go into making one that aligns with the design. This is just a placeholder.

The local wiki leads to the original image. The second link I just realized is obsolete if we direct the user to the new file location automatically after a successful file transfer.

Here is an updated version. The link would open in a new tab.

mockT187092New.png (636×964 px, 34 KB)

Although the need for the link depends on whether the "move to commons" action on the source wiki would open the special page in a new tab or not.

also if we have more info like for example:

  • this can take up to 30 seconds

then I would add this information as well.

…"up to"… is a good practice to provide, as long as it is in orders of magnitude (so if you say 30sec if it is still OKish if it is 10 times more of less so – it should not be 100 times more)