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All other uses seem to be translated, but is not.

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maps.wm.o is here only for basic testing of tiles. It has never been intended for end users to see at all and can be replaced with a single HTML page somewhere in labs if it causes any problems. Recommend not wasting time on this.

I wouldn't consider this a priority, as it's a debugging/demo page.

On the other hand, we're going to need a debugging/demo page where we can switch the language of map that is being requested, and we might as well translate the attribution text at the same time.

This would mean adding jQuery.i18n to the /server repo along with the i18n files and then connecting them to

It's not insane work, but it does make things more complex, so if is strictly testing, then we might not need it. We can still test i18n on maps inside the wikis, and the label languages will be affected/changed regardless of the attribution, and don't need jQuery.i18n.

Do we still want to do and prioritize this task?

I also think this is not needed for the test endpoint.

This task was not in the previous maps backlog and not coming from the community wish list. I don't know why it was even created. I vote for "declined".