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Categories dropdown should be larger to ease categories' selection
Open, Needs TriagePublic


At the moment it is very difficult to select a category with a long name.

In the example below, I was looking for "Série télévisée de déroulant en Angleterre". There is hopefully a pop-up when you hover the name of the category, but it takes time to hover all categories (and finally sometimes figure that's not the ones you were expecting - see T187342).

Capture d’écran_2018-02-14_17-25-26.png (566×805 px, 58 KB)

Tested on Chromium and Firefox, last versions.

Update: I notice that typing a few words, then click outside, then click again in the search field makes makes the dropdown bigger and visible.

Capture d’écran_2018-08-27_15-33-48.png (665×778 px, 67 KB)

Capture d’écran_2018-08-27_15-35-25.png (454×707 px, 38 KB)

Capture d’écran_2018-08-27_15-35-51.png (608×705 px, 76 KB)