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Include apache_exporter in puppet module httpd (was: apache)
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The apache::monitoring module installs Diamond's httpd collector, we should make sure the machines with such module also end up installing prometheus::apache_exporter.

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fgiunchedi created this task.

But we also want to replace the apache module with the httpd module (which doesn't have monitoring.pp anymore because we didn't want the diamond collector). So it should be added there as well.

Indeed, so the current way we are using apache_exporter in puppet is via profile::prometheus::apache_exporter which includes prometheus::apache_exporter and ferm rules. We could move to a profile::httpd which sets up the httpd class and the apache_exporter profile above.

The apache module has been deleted. (T252190)

Dzahn renamed this task from Include apache_exporter in puppet module apache to Include apache_exporter in puppet module httpd (was: apache).May 29 2020, 6:49 AM