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Support HTML 5 multiple upload control
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HTML 5 work includes a multiple selection option for <input type="file">:

This is now supported in WebKit development trunk:

Using this in the UI when Flash or other fancy upload controls aren't available would be a nice assist for supporting browsers.

(Requires actual support for handling multiple file uploads -- bug 16751)

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neilk wrote:

I'm working on a related widget (see, and if I can I'm adding in HTML5 multiple-file support.

Note that HTML5 multi-file support is currently working nicely in current release versions of at least the following browsers:

  • Firefox
  • Chrome
  • Safari

PHP accepts them nicely if the <input type="file" multiple>s name attribute includes the "[]" brackets, which makes PHP interpret the multiple instances of things submitted under that name as an array.

PHP-side code would need to be adapted to use the array if necessary.

Note that bug 26502 requests this for UploadWizard, which would need either multi-upload support in the API upload handler (thus also bug 16751) or using HTML5 FileAPI to read each file and submit it in a separate request.

The core upload page could do similar on supporting browsers.

drecodeam wrote:

I think that Uplaod Wizard now supports this, so we can close the issue ?? ( see bug 26502 and bug 16751)

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