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add link to Special:Nuke from Special:Block
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When viewing recent changes and seeing spam, I may wish to mass delete (nuke) a user's contributions. This is currently achieved by visiting their contributions (one click) and clicking 'mass delete' there (a second click). Then I also have to go back to recent changes (a third click) and click 'block' next to their nick (a fourth click). It would be nice to make three changes:

  • add a link to mass delete link at Special:Block, and
  • show the user's contributions at Special:Block so that I can view the contributions before clicking the mass delete link, and
  • add link to Special:Block after a mass delete operation succeeded

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Hi all,

In fact when blocking it would be nice to view a list of the users contributions below the block box, and a mass delete tick box.

  1. blocking section with the fields such as block duration and reason
  2. tick box for mass delete (takes place when I click 'block')
  3. 'add this block' button
  4. list of the user's contributions
  5. list of the user's deleted contributions


This is mostly a duplicate of T34179, but I’m not sure which one should be kept as main task. Anyway, comments on both tasks are interesting suggestions.