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Swedish Wikipedia showing a long row of fundraising banners
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Swedish Wikipedia showing a long row of different fundraising banners. See film here (can't be uploaded to Phabricator):

Sorry for the quality of the video, the problem wasn't on my phone and I couldn't really ask to install software.

iPhone 5s, Chrome.

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I asked for access to the video just now, in case there is any local CSS or JS interfering with the fundraising banners.

Johan closed this task as Declined.Feb 19 2018, 4:04 AM

Feature, not bug.

Just to be clear, this is the intended appearance of one of our mobile "text message style" banners, which appears once per user. We realise it's long, but it performs significantly better than shorter banners we've tested in a similar style, allowing us to show users fewer banners overall. This one also has buttons partway down the banner allowing users to skip to the donation form, or just skip the banner entirely.

A complete paywall (taking the whole page and undismissable) would probably also "perform significantly better".

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