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Write a maintenance script to refresh category member counts
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Currently there's no mechanism for refreshing category member counts. So certain categories, like say they have over 12,900 members, when in reality it has only about 3,000 members.

populateCategory.php is a bit of a brute-force approach (it recalculates everything, even categories whose counts are correct). We could do with another script that specifically recalculates wrong counts in the category table.

T85696 is about adding a way for users to invoke recounting when required.

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matthew.britton wrote:

Why admin-only?

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I'm working on a maintenance script to make this happen. T85696: Allow action=purge to recalculate the number of pages/subcats/files in a category would be nice, and finding out the reason for the drift would be even nicer, but a server-side script is better than nothing.

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Change 333917 had a related patch set uploaded (by TTO):
New maintenance script to recalculate category membership counts

You didn't like the "Basing it on a percentage of pageviews (.01% of page views purge the count)" suggestion? The idea was that you could re-calculate the category membership counts when random.randint(1, 10000) % 5 == 0 or str(random.random()).endswith('5') or something like that. Obviously most requests don't hit MediaWiki, but enough do that this would probably work for at least popular categories.

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[mediawiki/core@master] New maintenance script to recalculate category membership counts

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@MZMcBride: Oh, I see what you meant. It would be interesting to know what @aaron thinks of that idea. In any case, if you'd like to pursue it, you could file a separate task.