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"Sessions are disabled for this entry point" triggered by User->loadFromSession() despite MW_NO_SESSION
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I know, this is probably an edge case, but there are still instances, where a user object tries to load data from session despite MW_NO_SESSION is set.

  • MW 1.30 upwards
  • Extension:CodeMirror on REL1_30 [0]
  • Extension:BootstrapComponents [1]

The case is reported on github [2] and only occours when Extensions CodeMirror and BootstrapComponents are installed.

What happens (roughly):

  • while CodeMirror is active, BootstrapComponents is instanciated during a request to load.php: https://localhost/w/repo/load.php?lang=en&modules=startup&only=scripts&skin=vector&debug=true
  • BootstrapComponents then tries to get the current skin from RequestContext
  • this translages into an "illegal" call to User->loadFromSession()

Note, that this exception is only thrown in 1_30 upwards.

I fixed the exception in BootstrapComponents, so I don't need any help for that. Why do I report this:

  • It feels unintuitive to check for MW_NO_SESSION only to get the current skin. But if this is the solution and "I" am the responsible party, please tell me
  • I think, there is an underlying problem, but I can't pinpoint it
  • I don't know, it this is important enough to follow up. If not, just close it.

relates to T127233


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Was an issue with BootstrapComponents from what I can see.

The issue was resolved at