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Upgrade Bugzilla to 3.4
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Was released in late november...

Suspecct it might be worth upgrading to take advantage of any/all new features?

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Release of Bugzilla 3.2.2, 3.0.8, and 3.3.3 [ 2009 Feb 03 ]. Contains security fixes. Raised priority.

Note that Tim did the 3.0.8 security upgrade in February.

We'll be wanting to peek at 3.2 or 3.3 at some point; will probably want to evaluate the upgraded on a copy, see what new features/workflow stuff we can benefit from, and see what we want to do about the theme.

(Honestly, maintaining the Monobook-style theme is a big pain in the butt. We'll probably want to have a less thorough 'theme conversion' that maintains a general 'Wikimedia look & feel' without doing all the restructuring that makes fixing theme templates on every ugprade so tedious.)

Bugzilla currently resides on Isidore. However, upgrading it here is useless, as it needs to move to Singer. Just FYI that you could just save time by doing the install on Singer.

fvassard wrote:

Current bugzilla version now installed on Singer. The skin has been ported, and so have the cronjobs.
It is currently running out of a copy of the current bugzilla database (last update from Monday June 1st): bugzilla_testing.
I will reserve a couple of days for testing before taking it live.
It is currently running on

Let me know if you see anything weird.

Bumping update req to 3.4 which has some niceties...

For the skin, I recommend that rather than attempting to port the Monobook skin again, we make a more modest theme that fits visually nicely with the new Vector skin but avoids the HTML restructuring that has made maintenance of the Monobook theme across BZ upgrades a big pain in the butt. Talked w/ Trevor a little about that at OSCON last week, will add a dep on him. :)

fvassard wrote:

Awesome! I will resinstall (I was trying to port the old skin, but it is a pain) a stock version of the latest and greatest from Bugzilla (which will be on singer (with a convenient cname of bugzilla3.w.o).

Trevor, I will let you know as soon as it is ready for "customization"!

fvassard wrote:

test edit -ignore-

IRC cabal say just upgrade ;D

"All users are recommended to use Bugzilla 3.4.3 instead, and users of Bugzilla 3.0 are encouraged to upgrade to 3.4.3 as soon as possible."


Seems we're on 3.0.8 according to the front page, 3.0.10 is highest security version in that branch

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fvassard wrote:

Bugzilla has been upgraded to 3.4.4.
Resolving this long standing "bug"!

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