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Find all uses of deprecated AbuseFilter variable names on WMF wikis
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After T173889 is implemented and deployed, someone with shell access should query the abuse_filter table on all WMF wiki databases and find all cases were a filter uses a deprecated variable is used (e.g. article_text).

Once that is done, a global sysop can edit the filters to use the correct variable name (e.g. page_title). This task is for the WMF sysadmin request for querying the database to find these (e.g. with sql and foreachwiki maybe?)

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Huji changed the task status from Open to Stalled.Feb 22 2018, 3:26 AM
Huji triaged this task as Low priority.
Huji added a project: Wikimedia-Site-requests.

Marking as stalled, until the child task is implemented and enough logs are accrued.

Also adding Wikimedia-Site-requests because I couldn't find a better WMF-related tag to use.

Krinkle renamed this task from Find and correct all uses of deprecated AbuseFilter variable names on WMF wikis to Find all uses of deprecated AbuseFilter variable names on WMF wikis.Feb 22 2018, 10:49 PM
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I've narrowed the task to the WFM sysadmin request appropriate for Wikimedia-Site-requests. Per the description of Wikimedia-General-or-Unknown, the task of a global sysop performing on-wiki changes is outside the scope for any Phabricator task (unless the task is e.g. executed by Community-Tech in which case Community-Tech-fixes could be used).

As expected, lots of filters use these variables. It'd be way too hard to manually fix them, and an automatical fix wouldn't be good. My proposal is to clearly state the deprecation and give filter editors some time to make the required changes.

P7089 is the list (which I forgot to link in my last comment). Definitely too much work. With I added red highlighting for deprecated variables and with T187686 we may add a warning, so that users will naturally make a gradual switch towards the new variables.