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Page disappearance after localization of 'User' ('Utent') namespace on mt.wp
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Author: gustav.vella

User had created his profile page in article space. This happened to have the exact URI as the user pages after they where localized. Since then his "User Page" has disappeared with all content and revision history. Unfortunately he drafted all his articles on precisely that page.

Gustav Vella (joelemaltais)

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gustav.vella wrote:

I don't know if this helps. We had a similar situation with the help pages. I had reported directly per mail to Niklas Laxtröm and at some point they were recovered.

It's now at (which is where it was moved by the cleanupTitles.php script). Other lost pages may be found at

gustav.vella wrote:

Thanks. Is it possible to move the page there. Or will something break if the user deletes his own user page to make room for the old content + its history? It would be nice to preserve the History but if that isn't possible we'll instruct to copy the content over.

Looks like nothing needs to be done at this point.