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Make it possible to search by page author /contributor/ uploader
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  • As a user, I'd like to discover more files or content made / created by a specific user.
  • As a user, I'd like to find specific content without paging through Special:listfiles.


Currently there is no way to distinguish between search results uploaded or created by a specific user. Paging through special:listfiles is not an activity any sane person would do for users with massive uploads, e.g. Special:ListFiles&dir=prev&user=Ruthven. Attempting to view massive new pages by a specific user (special:contribs) will also result in a timeout on a big enough wiki, especially if the namespace parameter is used).

Also, for regular pages, this provides a sensible and easy interface to see and count all (existing) pages created by a user as this would naturally include the matches.

Other Use cases:

  • Looking into discussions (Talk pages) participated
  • Looking into pages they created with a specific keyword
  • Readers looking into interesting pages or media initially created by a specific contributors
  • Anti vandalism - looking into pages created / edited by a specific user and containing a specific term.

Proposed solution

  • Add a new search keyword "author:", e.g. "author:User1"; AND
  • Add a new search keyword "contributor:" to list all pages a edited by particular user;
  • Possibly make it possible to include more than one author, e.g. "author:User1|user2|..." or alternatively "author:User1 author:User2"

Note: A file page may be created before a file upload (by another user). So there may be a need to distinguish between an uploader and a file page creator.

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Search cannot index contributors right now, there's no easy way to expose that kind of information for indexing

Since then the analytics team has built up the mediawiki-history job that, essentially, exposes all of mediawiki history in a reasonably structured way. Perhaps now some job can aggregate over that to generate a list of page titles and all their contributors. If implemented this way itwould not be real-time contributors though, it would be a batch job that runs monthly or something to generate a contibutors list to index in the search engine. We would probably need to find some strong use cases to justify the extra moving pieces of this kind of setup as well.