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Create MAGIC WORD for wikisource as {{NUMBEROFINDEXFILE}}
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Create MAGIC WORD for wikisource as {{NUMBEROFINDEXFILE}}. The index files are in database, so we can easily got the stats of Number of Index file/Pages of Each Wikisource.

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You can already look up the number of all pages and of content pages for each Wikisource at e.g. .
Is this sufficient? If not, please elaborate which problem you would like to solve. Thanks!

The request appears to be for a count for the number of pages in a specific namespace, which represents a count of the number of works that are being worked upon through proofreading process. Presumably having a direct count makes for easy statistical calculations as somewhat done at snapshot. It shouldn't be a difficult count, so it maybe depends on whether it is seen whether it is either

  1. something system generated as required
  2. generated by means of calculations, or
  3. externally generated then added as daily count

Noting that this ns that is hard formatted to utilise the a formatting template (MediaWiki:Proofreadpage_index_template)

As such there are means to get counts, eg. from Special:WhatLinksHere/MediaWiki:Proofreadpage_index_template you can use a tool like d:MediaWiki:Linkscount.js which as of today gives the following for enWS (transclusions: 12,092, links: 35)

As each page in the Index: namespace is categorised through a field selection in the template, it is possible to do a PAGESINCATEGORY count for each selection, you can see a count of these via Category:Index. It would be possible for every such index: ns page to be categorised and run through {{PAGESINCATEGORY}}, or as each is already done, use addition to add each subsidiary category together. So maybe it depends on how those in charge of the servers believe is the better means to generate and access that number.

At the moment for Wikisources there is a bot (Phe-bot) running counts for pages on a daily basis and dumping that data count to each wiki

You can see the respective counts at

While this is currently convenient whilst someone has a bot and we have toolsforge available. And maybe @Phe would be willing to update his bot to generate "Template:ALL_INDEXES"

So it is not a count available in Special:Statistics, it can be achieved in a number of ways, and it depends on within which source it belongs, or whether the developers are happy with a clunky means or desire something sweeter.


WORKSFORME, not a MediaWiki bug

Forgot about the magic word, probably what happens when labelled not enabled; not enabled on enWS as {{PAGESINNAMESPACE:106}} I see the redlink Template:PAGESINNAMESPACE:106

I don't see that $wgAllowSlowParserFunctions is enabled (not that I would say I am an expert in finding these settings.)

Does that turn this task into a Wikimedia-Site-requests to enable the expensive $wgAllowSlowParserFunctions as per mw:Help:Magic_words?

Does that turn this task into a Wikimedia-Site-requests to enable the expensive $wgAllowSlowParserFunctions

That's an option, but I don't know how easy. @Reedy, do you think this could be tested on bn.wikisource, to see how big an impact it has on parsing times?