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Look into how to prevent file type-specific license templates from appearing on uploads of the incorrect file type
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Uploaders on Commons are inadvertently using the {{3dpatent}} template on non-3D files. Research if there is a way to check filetype against template to prevent its addition.

When uploading files users can define licensing templates to be used with the resulting file. Some users, as pointed out in the below discussion, are accidentally applying the licensing template for 3D objects. This causes confusion and is inaccurate. It also creates work for volunteer maintainers to remove/correct the licensing information after the upload.


  • Rename the template to be more descriptive (which may prevent some errant template usage, but not all)
  • Figure out a way to detect the use of the template, compare it to the file type, and if the file type is not 3D, present a message to the uploader of the mismatch.!

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I think these are/were coming in through (which also explains the odd license info on some files)

I also think something has already changed? I remember loading that page a few hours ago and instantly getting an option to add the template. Now I don't see it though?

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This is odd. I wonder if there's actually a bug involved here...

Since allowing 3D uploads, we've added a "Patent permissions" radio button group just above the Licenses dropdown.
These get hidden by default until a user uploads an .stl file, in which case it'll get displayed.
Without JavaScript, it can't be hidden/shown based on whatever gets uploaded, so it's always displayed.
I'm guessing that is why some non-3D uploads get that template...

Potential solutions:

  • make it more obvious that this is irrelevant for non-3D file (improve wording or so) - I don't think we can do too much here, though.
  • just don't display the patent thing at all for clients without JS

Either way, we're going to have to make a decision for more 3D files without patent, or more non-3D files with an invalid patent template.
I assume the volume of non-3D no-JS uploads outweighs the volume of 3D uploads, so option #2 would make sense, IMO.
There's also a category to track 3D uploads that lack the patent template, so it probably wouldn't be *too* bad if some uploads without said template get in?

matthiasmullie: I agree. No-JS uploads probably come from either crappy old phones or users who disabled it on purpose. Those crappy old phones won't upload 3D files and users who disabled JS on purpose will likely understand they need to add the patent template afterwards.

Are you really sure nothing has changed during the day? I would swear I have seen those patent options on the upload page without selecting a 3D file.

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Change 420330 had a related patch set uploaded (by Matthias Mullie; owner: Matthias Mullie):
[mediawiki/extensions/3D@master] Hide 'Patent permisisons' radio buttons by default in Special:Upload

Change 420330 merged by jenkins-bot:
[mediawiki/extensions/3D@master] Hide 'Patent permisisons' radio buttons by default in Special:Upload

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