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You can select more than 2 users just by clicking on more suggestions on the field
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Screenshot-2018-2-26 Interaction Timeline.png (407×1 px, 28 KB)

Reproduction steps:

  • Type DM,
  • Select first user,
  • click on the user filter and the autosuggestion box will be filled with suggestions
  • keep clicking on users

Event Timeline

Ah, this ugly devil again. Thanks for filing.

Now it has no users, but nine values of some enumeration.

See the message I left on the tool talk page. About AutoImage etc.

I'm not sure. Once again: When adding the first and the second user, the autocomplete list has names of wiki centrallogin users. But when adding the third user, the autocomplete list includes nine names, that are not users. AutoID, AutoImage, and so on. Looks like the list comes from some program parameter.