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Search option "open in new window"
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The "open search in new window/tab" option, seems to be one that some users are fond of in Google, and which they miss in internal search. As it's also fairly trivial to add to user search preferences, hence worth asking :)

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I would like to add a relevant request here: This is not always desirable to browse to a page which is suggested by search suggest when clicking on the suggested keyword. People may prefer the suggested word to be added to the search box on click, and add more keywords by hand and then push the go button. This can also be allowed through a simple option in search preferences.

Would need to be JavaScript to not harm caching, I guess. In that case it could very well be a JS Gadget in the first place.

If people want to write some personal JS or a gadget for this, be my guest. Not going to add a preference to MediaWiki for this.