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[[MediaWiki:Apierror-flaggedrevs-cantunreview/bn]] i18n issue
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@Bsandipan: Thanks for reporting this. Please explain what the actual problem is, and what you expect instead - see

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This is a report of an issue with a translatewiki message.

@Bsandipan, what is the actual issue?

Kizule closed this task as Declined.EditedFeb 27 2018, 8:26 PM
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Nothing is not wrong there. Page of translate is not created.

Amire80 changed the task status from Declined to Invalid.Feb 27 2018, 8:32 PM

No, the fact that link points to , which is empty at the moment, doesn't mean much. The link is created automatically.

The translator may have had an issue with translating the page and couldn't create it. Unfortunately, we cannot help the translator if we don't get a description of the problem, so it's more "Invalid" than declined.

I'll be happy to reopen this task and help the translator if a proper description is provided.