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reinstate ezachte's access
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Reinstate Erik Zachte's SSH access to the production cluster.

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RobH triaged this task as Medium priority.Feb 26 2018, 10:54 PM
RobH created this task.
MoritzMuehlenhoff closed this task as Resolved.Feb 28 2018, 11:01 AM
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Erik's new key has been added.

Erik emailed me the following:

On Wed, Feb 28, 2018 at 12:22 PM, Erik Zachte <> wrote:

Hi Andrew, can I ask you again to help me with regaining server access?
Both my computers are freshly installed, desktop with Windows 10, laptop with Ubuntu 16.4. A new public key has been installed yesterday [1], but I haven't yet managed to confirm that it works
I lost my Windows Putty settings (as those were stored in the registry), but I copied earlier settings from an old mail thread. When I try to connect to thorium via bast1001 I get "incoming packet was garbled on decryption". We've been there before. But our hangout log from May 30 2017 doesn't mention the solution (as we switched to voice halfway).
I also would like to connect from Ubuntu now (uncharted territory for me), and ssh sends the right fingerprint which I accept, Then it says "connection to closed"
Can you please advice?
Thanks, Erik

@ezachte, as for the linux based access, have you read and tried: ?

For Windows, I'm not sure. We might need to real time chat again so I can look at server logs as you try to sign in.

Thanks @Ottomata, I just managed to ssh to stat1005 from Ubuntu. following advice on wikitech page

I (obviously) also regained access to phabricator. :-)

Thanks folks, and welcome back @ezachte.