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Community consult for Geohack usage
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As the Collaboration team approaches the Maps improvements, one consideration is to make <maplink> accessible via common location templates like Template:Coord. Currently the coordinates displayed at the top of an article with geocoordinates links to the community-developed and WM hosted tool Geohack. This could be replaced with a link to a full-screen <mapframe> using the Wikimedia map service.

We need to reach out to the parties involved to better understand the current usage of Geohack, understand the differences between the technical solutions, and ask if there is a desire to use the Wikimedia maps for geocoordinate links in related templates.


  • Ask maintainers of Geohack if they have any usage statistics for which mapping services are used
  • Determine what Kartographer would need to present for most common use cases

Note; The current implementation of Karrographer lists Geohack as an external service. I don't anticipate that reference will be removed.

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To the folks I subscribed, as the maintainers of Geohack I would greatly appreciate your feedback and questions.

There's the access.log file, this one starting 13/Dec/2017, where we can see how geohack was called. I doubt there is any information on what links were clicked within geohack, so we don't know which services were used the most.

Thanks for letting me know that Magnus, much appreciated.

Could you provide any insight into the most common ways Geohack is accessed? Do you know how the mapping services listed were added? By request, or by discovery of yourself and the other maintainers over time? Some other reason entirely? :)

The results page is configured almost entirely by the "calling wiki", via the respective version of the GeoTemplate. That includes which services are listed, in which order, etc. If a region is given in the geohack URL, a specific section of the template can be pushed to the top IIRC.

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This ticket is judged out of scope for the Map Improvements 2018 project. It's not the goal of that project to replace Geohack with mapframe. Also, Goehack is a community creation, so discontinuing it is not really something we have any desire to push forward.

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