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CodeSearch: SocialProfile extension is not being indexed by Codesearch
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Unfortunately, it seems the SocialProfile extension is not being indexed in Codesearch. Searches which would usually definitely pull up results like:`
(UserProfile being one of the main components of SocialProfile) don't actually show up any results. SocialProfile doesn't get listed either in the drop down menu (it would appear right after SocialLogin)

image.png (768×1 px, 74 KB)

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Hmm, I see stuff like

2018/02/24 08:44:17 Searcher started for Extension:SocialProfile
2018/02/24 08:44:17 exit status 128
2018/02/24 08:44:17 Failed to git fetch /data/data/vcs-580022e7ff24bc8e401f945f2e0129701dec5001, see output below
fatal: Unable to create '/data/data/vcs-580022e7ff24bc8e401f945f2e0129701dec5001/.git/shallow.lock': No space left on device

in the error logs.

I suspect it ran out of disk space at some point? I just restarted the container and now the repository is back. Might be related to

SamanthaNguyen claimed this task.

Thanks for fixing that :) I suppose I'll mark this ticket as resolved then, since searching for stuff within SocialProfile works now. (Maybe there could be a separate discussion for the potentially upstream-related issue)

Mentioned in SAL (#wikimedia-cloud) [2018-02-28T04:44:14Z] <legoktm> restarted hound-search service (T188477), also I restarted hound-extensions earlier (T188450)