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On redirect, parts of the search query are not filled into the main search bar
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AdvancedSearch does not automatically fill in the form, but allows users to search with the main bar, as well as with the form.
When a user is redirected to the search page, and some keywords are already in use, these should be added to the main search bar.

I am on a page with an integrated search field. This search field automatically sets "prefix=Wikipedia%3ABibliotheksrecherche%2FAnfragen%2F" in the url. Once the special:search page is reached, this is removed. That means if I change the page or search again, the constraint is gone.

Sample queries
How the query used to look like:

How it looks like with advancedSearch enabled:

This bug was reported on the help talk page

Acceptance Criteria

  • When a user is redirected to special:Search, all of the given search parameters can be found in the "traditional" search box

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  • the linked sample relies on a "prefix" parameter used in Extension:InputBox (the German documentation is better structured than the English), fulltext and search types.
  • they use a dedicated, undocumented(?) "prefix" parameter for Special:Search, i.e. not part of the "search" GET parameter but a separate one. All(?) GET parameters with influence on search result:
    • search (&search=) Example known
    • namespaces (&ns12=1&ns13=1) Example known (but broken) = T182254
    • prefix (&prefix=) Example new to me
    • searchfilter (&searchfilter=...) Example new to me
  • an attempt to remove the prefix parameter in the past was reverted
  • mediawiki's frontend code itself seem to be unaware of the "prefix" parameter, mw.config.get('searchTerm') does not contain it - no wonder we missed it
  • the "searchfilter" parameter gets appended to the "search" parameter, i.e. mw.config.get('searchTerm') == "fish chips"
  • identical results can be achieved searching for either
    • /wiki/Spezial:Suche?search=besondere+beilage&prefix=Wikipedia%3ABibliotheksrecherche or
    • /wiki/Spezial:Suche?search=besondere+beilage+prefix:Wikipedia%3ABibliotheksrecherche (mind the plus after "beilage")

Q (to @Lea_WMDE):

  • does advancedSearch have to be compatible with the dedicated "prefix" GET parameter?
  • does advancedSearch have to be compatible with the dedicated "searchfilter" GET parameter?

Worst case link makes for search field input endless joy prefix:Wikipedia:Bibliotheksrecherche.

Steps to resolve this could be (in descending likelihood)

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Storytime discussion resulted in the decision to use the actual general search field, instead of replacing it (unless the code gives us a reason to reconsider)

Change 418951 had a related patch set uploaded (by Gabriel Birke; owner: Gabriel Birke):
[mediawiki/extensions/AdvancedSearch@master] Leave original search field in place

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Change 418951 merged by jenkins-bot:
[mediawiki/extensions/AdvancedSearch@master] Leave original search field in place