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Special:CentralAuth/Drytime%$1600 gives Error 400
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[...]$1600 gives Error 400

400 Bad Request

I don't know what Logstash might have kept for the error as I don't have access to it. Either what it causes the error there or we revert the rename and blacklist those weird characters. Your call :)

The CentralAuth link works with &target= parameter though. See

If the $ and % characters are converted, the page also works well.

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matmarex subscribed.

I think this is normal and correct. That is a bad request; the '%' should be URI-encoded to '%25'.

You can reproduce the 400 much more easily, with a '%' followed by anything other than 0-9, A-F and a-f, for example:

I get the same results on my local testing wiki, with the server running Apache/2.4.18.

(Changing projects, this error is generated by the server software before it even reaches MediaWiki.)

If the incorrect "Special:CentralAuth/" link is generated by the software somewhere, that's a bug, but it seems that you manually constructed it.

Hi @matmarex I think the URL got generated by the software somewhere. If you say that's a bug, let me review my logs from yesterday and I'll get back to this task. I think it was on the rename progress url, but I'm not sure. Looking onto this now.

Per previous comment, this URL is invalid and it should give an error. If our software produces such URLs in links, that's a bug, but I'm 99% sure it doesn't.