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Special:CentralAuth/Drytime%$1600 gives Error 400
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[...]$1600 gives Error 400

400 Bad Request

I don't know what Logstash might have kept for the error as I don't have access to it. Either what it causes the error there or we revert the rename and blacklist those weird characters. Your call :)
The CentralAuth link works with &target= parameter though. See
If the $ and % characters are converted, the page also works well.

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I think this is normal and correct. That is a bad request; the '%' should be URI-encoded to '%25'.

You can reproduce the 400 much more easily, with a '%' followed by anything other than 0-9, A-F and a-f, for example:

I get the same results on my local testing wiki, with the server running Apache/2.4.18.

(Changing projects, this error is generated by the server software before it even reaches MediaWiki.)

If the incorrect "Special:CentralAuth/" link is generated by the software somewhere, that's a bug, but it seems that you manually constructed it.

Hi @matmarex I think the URL got generated by the software somewhere. If you say that's a bug, let me review my logs from yesterday and I'll get back to this task. I think it was on the rename progress url, but I'm not sure. Looking onto this now.

matmarex closed this task as Invalid.Apr 5 2018, 3:50 PM

Per previous comment, this URL is invalid and it should give an error. If our software produces such URLs in links, that's a bug, but I'm 99% sure it doesn't.