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Document configurability of namespace presets
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Follow-up for T173736 & T173734


  • documentation contains explanations of AdvancedSearchNamespacePresets and how to use/override it (provider, namespaces)

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Put the following into docs/

Namespace presets

AdvancedSearch supports namespace presets, groups of namespaces that are offered for batch selection via dedicated checkboxes. By default three presets are offered - discussion, generalHelp, and all.

Which namespaces are contained in a preset can be configured

  • statically, through the namespaces key containing an array of namespace ids,
  • or programmatically through the provider key containing a reference to a JavaScript function returning the aforementioned namespace id array. The available provider functions are implemented in NamespacePresetProviders.

You can use $wgAdvancedSearchNamespacePresets to modify the default configuration or add your own presets.

Add a namespace preset

// in your LocalSettings.php
wfLoadExtension( 'AdvancedSearch' );
$wgAdvancedSearchNamespacePresets = [
	'my-custom-preset' => [
		'enabled': true, // indication that this preset should be shown to the user
		'namespaces' => [ '1', '11' ], // list of namespaces to include in this preset
		'label' => 'my-custom-preset-label-id' // id of the translation to use to label the preset checkbox

Disable a default namespace preset

// in your LocalSettings.php
wfLoadExtension( 'AdvancedSearch' );
$wgAdvancedSearchNamespacePresets = [
	'generalHelp' => [
		'enabled' => false

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Add a section to


The configuration options of AdvancedSearch are documented in the file {{git file|project=mediawiki/extensions/AdvancedSearch|branch=HEAD|file=docs/|text=docs/}}.


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