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CX2: Category support
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Content Translation is expected to provide support for categories in different ways:

  • Initial adaptation (T177303). The translation gets automatically assigned categories based on the source article ones (i.e., those that exist in the target language).
  • Adjust category mapping (T188614). Show categories at the bottom of the document allowing users to add/remove those categories that came from the source article.
  • Add new categories (T188615). Allow to add categories to the translation at the user choice.
  • Empty states (T188617). Communicate the cases where categories are not present or could not been adapted.
  • Preview and settings (T188618). Allow to open the current category the user selects to explore it is the right one, and do further adjustments beyond the adaptation.
  • Improving initial suggestions. Show good options when users try to add categories based on parent categories (T109276) or Hotcat recommendations (T135727).

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