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Announce/Communicate dumps migration to labstore1006|7 to stakeholders
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  • Analytics/research lists for stat mounts
  • WMCS NFS users
  • Rsync mirror sites
  • Dumps webservice users public announcements for potential downtime (closer to migration date)

Event Timeline

madhuvishy created this task.

Welp. Here's some draft announcements, edit the hell out of 'em. P6813

Draft timeline - T168486#4033572

Draft timeline for migration:

March 28 - Ensure all data fetches and syncs for labstore1006|7 are in place - T188726
Apr 2 - Starting 14:30 UTC - NFS clients migration to new servers - T188643 and T188644
April 4 - Starting 14:30 UTC - Web service & rsync mirrors migration to new servers - T188645 and T188646

Each window on April 2 & 4 will last at least 2 hours if things go exceedingly well, and possibly up to several hours.

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