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Need access to webperf* servers
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Hi there --

The Performance team has some VMs that have been provisioned for us, webperf1001 and webperf2001. I apparently don't have access to them. Can you please add me to the appropriate access groups?


  • Ian (Manager of the Performance team)

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Hi! So the relevant admin group is called "perf-team" and you are a member of it.

Also the perf-team admin group gets added to a host when the role(webperf) is added to it.

That being said, the nodes called webperf* are not using the role(webperf) yet.

In T179036 they were setup with role(test) to be handed over to the webperf team who would then continue on T158837 to move the role from the old servers to the new webperf* servers.

The host that has the role now is called hafnium. So you do have shell access there but not on webperf* until those are actually used.

@Imarlier Do you need access to those boxes before they are fully provisioned? If not, I'd close this access request since they'll be accessible once fully set up.

btw, there is this change i uploaded, that would also create the access but it was stalled / had -1 from Krinkle for now:

also, maybe what you wanted to do you can do on hafnium for now?

@MoritzMuehlenhoff @Dzahn Thanks much, that makes sense.

@Dzahn With regards to that stalled change, the issue is that a few of the things that get installed by the webperf role aren't safe to run concurrently in multiple locations, and/or have performance implications if they were to be run in codfw as well as in eqiad. We need to get those updated before that change goes through. Planning to work on that next week so that we can get this migration done,

I'll close this out. T186774 is tracking the migration to webperf1001.

Imarlier claimed this task.