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Truncate display of long edit summaries, with a link to reveal the full text
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The English Wikipedia has raised some concerns (permalink) about the new edit summary lengths (T6714). There are some cases where the full edit summary length was accidentally used, and this is cluttering the revision history (example). Additionally, there are worries it could be intentionally misused, possibly as a venue for discussion during edit wars, for instance.

A possible solution is to truncate the display only within the interface, and not the storage (props to @Legoktm for the idea!). A clickable/hoverable ellipsis "..." or something similar would reveal the full summary. This way everybody wins -- we can take full advantage of the longer edit summaries, and abuse and visual distraction will be minimized.

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Possible MediaWiki implementation (again props to lego) -- server-side we wrap the too-long part of the edit summary in a CSS class that is hidden for JavaScript users. Then when clicking/hovering the class is simply removed to reveal the full summary. A pure JavaScript solution seems hacky but totally doable, too.

This seems like the same thing as T6717: Change the history view to accommodate larger edit summaries. One should probably be merged into the other.

If this regretful decision would not be reconsidered, it would also be wise to add something like this [1] in global CSS code so the tests and potential ill-intentioned editors couldn’t break interface for us (example [2], hope it doesn’t spill the beans for anyone):