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Upgrade to Symfony4
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We need to investigate upgrading XTools to Symfony4. From the look of things, this will require PHP 7.1 but will be a smooth upgrade.

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I am assuming with the increased priority there is an increased urgency. As such, do we have a time-frame for when we want to upgrade to Symfony 4? I am ready to begin work on this as needed, we will need to coordinate roll-outs.

Not urgent. Soon PHP 7.2 will be supported on Toolforge, so I was going to upgrade Grant-Metrics to the latest Symfony. I figure we could do the same for XTools in parallel since it has a similar setup. There's nothing holding us back though, since we're on VPS. We can do our testing on xtools-dev (OK to have downtime), but for production I assume we'll want to spawn a new instance, install PHP 7.2, etc., then switch over traffic once it's in good shape.

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