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Replace usages of jQuery .scrollTop and .height for plain DOM calls
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Let's stop using jQuery's scrollTop and height when unnecessary in Minerva and MobileFrontend.


  • Calls to .scrollTop() are substituted by window.pageYOffset where equivalent
  • Calls to .height() are substituted by document.documentElement.clientHeight where equivalent



Patch Set 7: Code-Review-1

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Avoid jQuery for simple window scrollTop() and height(), which are the same cross-browser now. But unfortunately, their abstraction is not without cost, probably not worth using.

resources/mobile.infiniteScroll/InfiniteScroll.js :
Line 115:
Neither of these should jQuery.

As of jQuery 3, both of these methods unconditionally access a single plain property when given a Window object. And these are the standard properties used for this purpose, as documented on MDN and elsewhere. As good a time as any to start using the standard properties without the CPU and memory costs of jQuery indirection.

$.fn.scrollTop (jQuery 3.2.1):

   jQuery.each({ .., scrollTop: "pageYOffset" }, function(method, prop) {
     jQuery.fn[method] = function() {
       return access(this, function(elem, ..) {
         var win;
         if (jQuery.isWindow(elem)) {
           win = elem;
         return win ? win[prop] : ..;

$.fn.height (jQuery 3.2.1):

    jQuery.each({ Height: "height", .. }, function(name = "Height", type) {
        jQuery.each({ content: type, ..  }, function(defaultExtra, funcName = "height") {
            jQuery.fn[funcName] = function( .. ) {
                return access(this, function(elem, type, value) {
                    if (jQuery.isWindow(elem)) {
                        return .. ? .. : elem.document.documentElement["client" + name];
In other words:

 var top = $window.scrollTop() === window.pageYOffset;
 var tall = $window.height() === document.documentElement.clientHeight;

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Change 415988 had a related patch set uploaded (by Jdlrobson; owner: Jdlrobson):
[mediawiki/extensions/MobileFrontend@master] Use native JS methods rather than jQuery indirection

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Should this task include updating our ESLint configs to forbid scrollTop references?

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Joaquin: we anticipate this change to be very mechanical and that's why this is pointed low.

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Thanks for flagging this!
We use scrollTop and height/width to set scrollTop, width and height (and on other things that may not be a window)
I'm not sure whether this makes sense right now so bumping down to low for the time being.

Change 415988 abandoned by Jdlrobson:
Use native JS methods rather than jQuery indirection

not planning to work on this any time soon

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