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Edit conflict not shown/detected
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As reported here in at least the following two cases, the editor making the edit was not notified about an edit conflict and the changes made by the previous editor were lost:

This seems to be a recent phenomenon, possibly related to the Two Column Edit Conflict View. (I asked the editors whether they are activated this Beta feature.) In the first example, the editorhad not activated the feature, while in the second example, the editor had.

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Other conflicts not detected: T100912 T119985

Could maybe this T186152 be connected?

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So we looked into the first report (the one by Uwe Rohledder) and could not reproduce the issue :/

He also now confirmed that he is not using the TwoColConflict extension. I would be surprised if the issues have anything to do with TwoColConflict, since we were only interested in the UI part of things - the only situations where we touched core code was to refactor how things are presented, not whether or not they are presented. This is why I will remove the tag for now, but monitor the ticket still.

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It's rare, but it's not unheard of for edit conflicts to go undetected in the older wikitext editors as well, particularly on frequently edited discussion pages. The result ends up being that one edit completely overwrites the edit before it. The fact this happens even in those editing environments leads me to suspect this is an issue in MediaWiki core, not the visual editor, and likely an incredibly tricky issue too.

Deskana triaged this task as Low priority.Aug 27 2018, 1:13 PM

Changing to low priority—this is rare, and when it does happen, editors know how to fix it.