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Remove Phabricator link in MultimediaViewer's "The file cannot be displayed" dialog
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In the last six months, 23 Phab tasks were created for a multimediaviewer-thumbnail-error due to the code in resources/mmv/ui/mmv.ui.canvas.js.

What happens in those task is that usually

  • @Ramsey-WMF moves the task from Untriaged to Needs Reproduction on the Multimedia board, and
  • @AKlapper adds a stock answer ("When you click on the first link directly, can you access the image and is the image displayed in your web browser? If it is not displayed, what is displayed / which exact error message is shown? Does this problem also happen with another browser (which browser)? Have you tried to bypass your browser cache?")

Looking at those 23 reports, apart from

, all other reports never received a followup from the original reporter.

This does not look like a good use of triagers' time, MediaViewer maintainers' time, and of a task tracker software in general.

Potential solution:

Consider pointing users to a wiki page instead which covers the cases listed above and how to perform initial debugging. Then on that yet to create wiki page at the very end if none of all that helped, offer a link to report the issue to Wikimedia Phabricator.

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Interesting idea. I'll run it by the team. Thanks!

Yeah, that should be killed. Sorry for unleashing it on you :(

For non-HTTP errors (e.g. Javascript) the reporting to Phabricator might make sense, but then no such error was ever reported since the feature was added ~3 years ago so probably not worth the code complexity.

Yeah, that should be killed. Sorry for unleashing it on you :(

Nah, no worries! :)

Hah, thanks! I had forgotten that one. Feel free to merge...?

What wiki page will it link to? It reads like there is a patch to merge, but I'm not seeing it here or on the other ticket.

If it reads like there is a patch to merge, please quote where exactly it reads like that. Because I'm not aware of any.

Any progress?

As the MultimediaViewer extension is also being deployed on third-party websites, we also get tasks created whenever a third party image server is misconfigured or down. Example:

Fixed in T111112 via for new / updated installations. (Thanks Tgr!)
I took the liberty to set up {H297} for old installations...