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import prometheus-memcached-exporter into wikimedia-stretch
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Spoke to @Dzahn on irc and said for me to create this task.

A puppet class (not sure which one) requires prometheus-memcached-exporter so when you have a stretch machine it will fail to run puppet due to the package not being in stretch.

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The class that includs this is:

modules/profile/manifests/memcached/instance.pp:    include ::profile::prometheus::memcached_exporter

And that is included by:

modules/role/manifests/memcached.pp:    include profile::memcached::instance

So you are getting this when role(memcached) gets applied.

Mentioned in SAL (#wikimedia-operations) [2018-04-16T10:18:35Z] <godog> upload prometheus-memcached-exporter to stretch-wikimedia - T189056