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Create a new paper membership form
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While we should try to push new potential members to sign up directly through our online system there will inevitably be situations where filling out a paper form (and paying) is more convenient.

We need to update our current form to ensure we are collecting the information which we have deemed mandatory in Zynatic. The new form also needs to contain a consent checkbox for allowing us to handle the personal data.

It might possibly also need a signature field to validate the consent.

It might be convenient to also add the possibility of collecting parental consent directly on the form (see T189098: Create routine for ensuring parental consent for underaged members)

Assuming this is created as a Google Doc then converted to a PDF we should maek sure to keep a link to the original doc to make it easy to update in the future. Both should be reachable from wmse:Medlemskap.

Event Timeline

Notes from another doc

  - Födelsedatum (för att säkerställa > 13år)
  - Namn
  - Medgivande om att finnas registrerade i vårt system
  - Adress och/eller e-post för faktura/påminnelse (kan markera att andra utskick ej önskas)
  - Medlemskapstyp (person/organisation)
  - Signatur (för att styrka medgivandet)
  - Kön
  - E-post
  - Address
  - Får vi maila (utöver faktura)
  - Får vi skicka brev (utöver faktura)
För minderårig medlem behövs även målsmans medgivande och signatur på denna blankett [].
Jopparn set the point value for this task to 4.Aug 21 2019, 10:37 AM
  - Födelsedatum (för att säkerställa > 13år)

Per our latest discussions this is not needed. A checkbox stating "I older than 13" should be enough.