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Increase the « Post‐expand include size » process up to 2.5 MB
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Some wiki have more and more page in « Category:Pages where template include size is exceeded ».
the Template are there to help, to arrange the pages, the articles.
the "Post-expand include size" process therefore limits the use of templates
I wish the limit could be increased from 2MB (which would seem to be the case) to 2.5MB


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Hi, well, what is the methodology behind how you picked 2.5MB? Why not 2500MB or something else? I think the proper solution to slow software is to make it faster, not just to raise limits. So this task might get declined. See also T181907.

2.5 Mb, it's just up +25 %.
Over time the pages will be bigger and bigger. So both to raise the value gradually. This is what happened on Commons about the possible import size. It went gradually. The goal is to have pages that can be made normally without being greedy resource, while remaining usable.

it's alreaday on :
Commons - 112 pages
mediawiki - 1 page
metawiki - 840 pages
wikidata - 174 pages

on wikipedias :
ar - 92 pages
de - 60 pages
da - 36 pages
en - 493 pages
fr - 81 pages
ja - 333 pages
ru - 53 pages

and the trend will not go down. This will therefore pose more and more of a problem

2.5 Mb, it's just up +25 %.

Errm, no. Please see T189108#4031827 again. :)

I don't understand the "link" with the "make software faster" or "slower"

This would require a performance review first (not sure which project tag that implies).